Everything You Want to Know about Dental Bridges and Their Benefits

Everything You Want to Know about Dental Bridges and Their Benefits

December 2, 2021

If you have missing teeth, including teeth in the aesthetic zone, dental bridges near you can help restore the appearance and function of your teeth.

This solution bridges the gap where your missing tooth earlier existed. If you are encountering the challenges of tooth loss, it helps if you discuss dental bridges with a dental professional near you to determine whether they are suitable for your situation.

If you are not aware of what dental bridges are, these are replacement solutions to fill gaps between your teeth with one or more fake teeth. Dental crowns help make bridges as they are placed on the two adjacent teeth next to the edentulous gap and supported by a pontic cemented between them.

Dental bridges are helpful if you have a missing tooth or teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. In addition, you could have dental bridges if you were born with missing teeth because of continental conditions. If you desire dental bridges to replace missing teeth, you must have healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth gap.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Your teeth are designed to work together. When you have a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth can move towards the vacant space. Your teeth in the opposite jaw also move upwards or downwards towards the edentulous gap.

The moment causes problems with your bite, chewing challenges, pain from the additional stress on your teeth and jaw, and self-consciousness about your appearance and smile.

When you get dental bridges as tooth replacement solutions, they help you overcome all the challenges mentioned above, restoring your mouth’s functionality and restoring your smile to make you self-confident.

In addition, you notice a dramatic difference in your appearance after getting the replacements because the dental bridges before and after the experience will make you believe you never lost your natural teeth.

Why Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth?

The challenges you encounter with missing teeth compel you to search for replacement solutions best suited for your unique situation.

You can consider dental implants if your physical and oral health is in excellent condition and you are willing to endure a lengthy process for getting the implants placed in your mouth.

However, you must also prepare to wait for several months before you can eventually have your artificial teeth besides investing significantly in the replacements.

If dental implants don’t seem suitable for your needs, you have another option in dentures placed on your gums without needing significant investments or enduring a lengthy process.

However, dentures are uncomfortable despite being around for quite some time. Therefore you might find dentures unsuitable for your needs.

However, you can consider different bridges types to replace the teeth you lost after consultation with freedom dental Ft. Myers. The dental facility will offer you various choices to suit your specific situation after considering the location of tooth loss and your circumstances.

What Types of Dental Bridges Can You Have?

Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch provides four types of dental bridges. They are:

  • Traditional Bridges: Traditional bridges are the most common having two or more crowns and a pontic all connected. The crowns help retain the bridge in place. Metal, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramics help make traditional bridges.
  • Cantilever Bridges: the pontic in cantilever bridges connects to one supporting tooth. Cantilever bridges are an excellent option if you have a natural tooth on one side of the gap created by the missing tooth.
  • Maryland Bridges: You can have Maryland bridges if you have a missing tooth in the aesthetic zone of your mouth. Porcelain fused to metal or ceramics supported by a framework help make Maryland bridges with wings on each side of the bridge bonding to your existing teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges: Implant-supported bridges are similar to traditional fixed bridges. However, dental implants help hold the bridge instead of cementing them to the adjacent teeth.

What Happens During Dental Bridge Placement?

You will need to schedule two appointments with the doctor for dental Bridge placement.

During your first appointment, the dental care provider reshapes the supporting teeth by removing some enamel and dentin to accommodate the dental crowns.

Digital impressions of your teeth are taken for the dental laboratory to create your bridge, fake teeth, and crowns. You receive a temporary bridge over your prepared teeth for protection.

You must schedule another appointment with the provider three weeks later when the dental lab returns your restorations. During your second visit, removal of the temporary bridge starts the procedure.

Your dental provider checks the bridge to make any adjustments if required before cementing it in place to give you your artificial teeth.

Dental bridges are excellent solutions to replace missing teeth and remain with you for several years without any complications if cared for appropriately.

So as long as you maintain excellent dental hygiene, brush and floss your teeth, and get exams and cleanings from your dentist, expect the replacement tooth to serve its purpose appropriately and restore your lost abilities.

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