What Should You Do If a Dental Emergency Occurs?

What Should You Do If a Dental Emergency Occurs?

February 1, 2023

Dental emergencies are notorious for occurring when least expected and can affect you or a family member. Regardless of who is affected by the crisis, you are responsible for seeking emergency dental care near me as soon as possible to ensure the situation doesn’t aggravate.

Before heading over to the nearby emergency dentist, it helps if you try to ascertain the cause of the dental emergency because all dental emergencies are not similar. Therefore, determining the reasons for your dental situation helps differentiate between emergencies and urgent care requirements. It also helps to save money on emergency dental care costs higher than treatments offered by your regular dentist.

Causes of Dental Injuries and Emergencies

The causes of dental emergencies differ because a situation arising out of accidents results in injuries, but common dental emergencies usually result from improper dental hygiene or untreated infections in your mouth. For example, you might encounter severe pain in a specific tooth after biting on complex foods, or your kid may confront a similar situation by falling when playing at home and impacting their mouth on a hard surface.

On the other hand, an untreated cavity in your spouse’s tooth can aggravate an emergency, needing prompt treatment from the emergency dentist near me to restore the tooth with fillings to alleviate the pain. It helps if you understand dental care is essential when challenged by a dental situation. However, it would help if you also tried to determine whether the problem confronting you is a dental emergency or can wait until daytime to receive treatment from your regular dentist. In addition, you must ensure you don’t neglect to visit your dentist for a remedy if you decide to wait overnight instead of calling an emergency dentist.

What Kind of Dental Emergencies Need Immediate Treatment?

Two dental emergencies that need immediate treatment from the emergency dentist in Fort Myers are a knocked-out tooth and a dental abscess. A tooth getting knocked out when playing or in an accident needs therapy within 30 minutes to have the tooth reinserted into its socket by splinting it to the adjacent teeth. If you delay treatment beyond 30 minutes or cannot find the knocked-out tooth, the options before you are limited and require you to search for replacement solutions to close the gap between your teeth.

A dental abscess results from infections left untreated in your tooth to eventually become visible as a dental abscess. Dental abscesses cause excruciating pain and sensitivity in your tooth to temperatures besides giving out a foul taste in your mouth. Unfortunately, a dental abscess is a life-threatening condition that also affects your jawbone and spreads to other body parts if you neglect to receive prompt treatment from the Fort Myers dentist, who will suggest a root canal to eradicate the infection inside your tooth responsible for the abscess.

Besides the above, you will need prompt treatment from an emergency dentist if you break your jaw in an accident or bleed profusely from the mouth due to infections like gum disease. However, dental emergencies resulting from ailments like cavities, loose fillings, broken crowns, and dental veneers can wait until the daytime, when you can schedule an urgent care appointment with your dentist to deal with the situation.

Schedule an Appointment with Freedom Dental Ft. Myers

Whenever you or a family member confronts a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with freedom dental Ft Myers to receive the treatment needed without exceptions.

This dental practice treats all patients with dental emergencies regardless of their age. Whether you have a broken tooth or a family member needs treatment for loose or lost fillings or crowns, you receive the treatment upon arrival at the dental practice soon after you request an appointment from them, reporting your dental emergency. No extended waiting times or whether you are an existing or new patient. You receive attention as soon as you reach the dental practice helping treat an extensive range of urgent issues. Whether a lost filling or a tooth, visit the practice to receive the emergency treatment required without wasting time. Therefore whenever confronted by a dental emergency, your first thought should be to ascertain your dental situation and call the Fort Myers dental facility to schedule an appointment to receive treatment at the earliest.

Freedom Dental Fort Myers provides treatments for dental emergencies without making patients wait in a queue. Instead, they attend to patients’ requirements immediately upon arrival, helping them find relief from the pain besides treating conditions affecting their oral cavity. Therefore consult with this practice for dental situations you think need immediate treatment from a dental professional.

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