When Should You Go In For A Tooth Extraction

When Should You Go In For A Tooth Extraction

April 1, 2022

Most dentists prefer to preserve and save your natural teeth even when damaged. However, there are cases where tooth extraction is safer than keeping the teeth.

Tooth extraction is the complete removal of a damaged or decayed tooth from its tooth bone.

Many people think tooth extraction is just a treatment to remove their teeth and destabilize their dental structure. However, this isn’t true because tooth extraction is a necessary dental treatment that can benefit you. Luckily, dental restorations can enhance your dental appearance after tooth extraction. So, do not panic and read further to know more about tooth extraction and why you might need to get a tooth extraction in Fort Myers, FL.

Tooth extractions can either be simple or surgical. Simple extractions are suitable for a damaged tooth that is easy to access, and most times, a general dentist can perform the procedure.

Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are not simple. Instead, they are complex. They are necessary when the damaged tooth is invisible or inside the gums, making it hard for the dentist to reach it with standard dental tools. This type of extraction would need the skill of an oral surgeon.

Why are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

In many cases, the damaged tooth might be restored with a dental restoration. However, if the damage is severe and can not be fixed, removing the tooth might be the only way out. Here are the dental cases that require tooth extractions:

    • Severe Infection

A severely infected tooth might need an extraction, especially if all other means to get rid of the infection have been exhausted. Neglecting the infected tooth due to fear of tooth extraction can cause more damage. You do not need to worry; our extraction dentist in Fort Myers would help you all stay relaxed all through the tooth extraction process.

    • Overcrowding

When there are too many teeth inside the mouth and limited space to accommodate the teeth, it can lead to overcrowding which would make your dental structure look disorganized and crooked. Your dentist would have to extract one or a few teeth to reduce overcrowding.

    • Trauma

An injury or trauma can cause a chip or crack in the tooth. You should see an emergency dentist near you when this happens. In such cases, tooth extraction is needed.

    • Orthodontics

Orthodontics are treatments that are performed to correct teeth irregularities. For instance, braces require enough space inside the mouth to work effectively. If there isn’t enough room inside the mouth, tooth extraction will create more space for the braces.

    • Wisdom Tooth

This is one of the dental issues that require surgical extraction. This occurs when a tooth tries to erupt under another existing tooth. The wisdom tooth often causes extreme pains, thereby needing removal as soon as possible.

What Happens During A Tooth Extraction?

Although tooth extraction is a straightforward and quick procedure, there are required procedures that you must go through. At Freedom Dental FT. Myers, our extraction dentists are skilled and well-trained to promote the safety of all dental patients. After booking an appointment with us, Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will attend to you and get you started.

First of all, we need a dental x-ray to examine your dental structure to check the tooth’s position and how severe the damage is. You would also have to give full details about your medical history to allow your dentist to know the right kind of treatment and medications that you might need.

Before starting the tooth extraction, your dentist would numb the area with a local anesthetic. In cases where the extraction is a major or complex one, a general anesthetic will help make the patient unconscious during the treatment.

Tooth Extraction Benefits

Even as nerve-wracking as a tooth extraction might be, it is a treatment that is advantageous and can bring quick relief.

Here are the benefits of tooth extractions as listed below:

  • It alleviates the pain
  • It preserves the neighboring teeth
  • It gets rid of the main problem
  • It enhances your general health by preventing the dental problem from affecting your overall health

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