Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Fort Myers, FL

Tooth flaws can dramatically affect your look and self-esteem. Without treatment, dental issues can not only impact your proper bite but also lead to expensive restorative procedures. At Freedom Dental Fort Myers, we are proud to offer budget-friendly solutions such as dental bonding. If you want your best smile, look no further. Come to us for the highest quality materials in a wide range of natural-looking shades. Call our Fort Myers, FL dental practice to get started.

What is Teeth Bonding Near Me?

Bonding is a non-invasive and affordable cosmetic dental procedure that fixes minor imperfections. The material is essentially a filling that resembles natural tooth enamel. This type of restoration comes in various shades that mimic and blend in with the existing structure. Dr. Joseph Vanderboschuses bonding near you to repair:

  • A gapped smile
  • Minor chips and cracks
  • Tooth stains and discoloration

With proper oral hygiene habits, bonded teeth can last for many years. It all depends on your oral hygiene practices and the risk of cavities. But the good news is, bonding can be removed and reapplied easily, if necessary.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

The advantages of choosing teeth bonding in Fort Myers, FL are numerous, including:

  • More cost-effective solution compared to other cosmetic dental procedures
  • A single visit is required to bond one or more teeth.
  • Less tooth preparation is needed to bond a tooth, unlike crowns and veneers
  • Since no pain is involved, Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch uses minimal or no anesthesia

Please reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team to find out more or to book a consultation. We will walk through all of your cosmetic and restorative options for improving your smile. Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will consider your goals and what is best for your oral health.

Ready to Upgrade Your Smile?

Freedom Dental Fort Myers offers bonding treatments you can afford to fix your imperfect smile. Our dentist in Fort Myers, FL uses only the best materials to ensure your teeth look better and improve mouth function.

Find out what we can do to help! Contact us online or call our dental practice in Fort Myers, FL today.

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