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Dental Bridges in Fort Myers, FL

There are so many reasons why a gapped smile can pose problems. Besides causing the chewing forces to be unevenly distributed, tooth loss also leads to a bad bite, bone atrophy, and a caved-in facial structure. Even more, missing teeth can rob you of your good self-esteem.

If you are looking for reliable tooth replacement methods, consider dental bridges. Simply stated, a bridge closes the spaces left by tooth loss. Dental bridges are great for anyone seeking to fill in the gaps without an invasive procedure.

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Types of Tooth Bridges Near You

There are three types of dental bridges: traditional fixed, cantilever, and Maryland-bonded:

  • Traditional fixed bridge: Conventional bridgework consists of a false tooth supported by two crowns on either side of the space.
  • Cantilever bridge: One dental crown, instead of two, supports this bridge type. Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will place a cantilever bridge when teeth remain on only one side of the gap.
  • Maryland-bonded bridge: Like a traditional fixed bridge, a Maryland-bonded restoration is secured with either porcelain or metal wings bonded on the underside of the front teeth.

Here at Freedom Dental Fort Myers, we offer all of these bridges near you. Our dentist in Fort Myers, FL will first evaluate your needs, wants, and budget concerns carefully. Then we can determine the best treatment to fix your smile.

Benefits of Dental Bridgework

There are many advantages to choosing a dental bridge near you to restore your smile, including:

Placing a bridge is a very straightforward, non-surgical procedure. Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch can usually replace your missing teeth in only two visits.

Compared to other tooth replacement solutions such as implants, dental bridges near you are more affordable.

Tooth bridges are comfortable and lightweight, and most patients quickly adjust to them.

Custom-crafted and natural-looking bridges blend in seamlessly with your existing teeth.

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