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Dental Fillings in Fort Myers, FL

Despite all the education and advances in dental care, cavities still happen. Tooth decay is an ongoing problem for both children and adults in the U.S. Without timely treatment, decay can cause more severe health issues such as infection, tooth loss, or worse. For those reasons, it is crucial to visit your Fort Myers, FL dentist regularly. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to long-term oral health. At Freedom Dental Fort Myers, we recommend coming in for check-ups and cleanings every six months. Twice yearly appointments are sufficient for most kids and adults. However, some patients require more frequent visits.

Choosing the Right Tooth Filling Near You

Today, several filling materials are used to repair a decayed or damaged tooth, including:

Traditional silver amalgam: Silver fillings are strong and durable. They are also very visible, so most patients want to avoid them. However, they are often the better choice for back teeth because they endure harsh chewing forces.

Tooth-colored ceramic: This filling type is made of porcelain and is very sturdy. These restorations are also more aesthetically pleasing than metal materials. But dental ceramic is more expensive than silver.

White composite resin: Composite material is an attractive option. Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch can make white fillings that closely match the color of your natural teeth. However, composite fillings are costlier than silver amalgam and lack the same durability.

Glass ionomers: Since these acrylic fillings are not long-lasting, they are most suitable for repairing kid’s teeth. Also, they release tooth-strengthening fluoride to help prevent cavities in young, developing teeth.

Gold fillings: Non-corrosive and super strong, gold fillings can serve you well for about 15 years. But more than one visit is required to place them, and gold is much more expensive than other filling materials.

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While each filling type can be applied to fix a cavity, some materials are best suited for specific conditions. Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will help you determine the best approach to restore your smile. We will consider your needs, oral health, and budget.

Together we will factor in the severity of the decay, location in the oral cavity, insurance coverage, and cost.

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