Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Services in Fort Myers, FL

At Freedom Dental Fort Myers, all are welcome to receive quality care. Both current and new patients can get emergency dental services in Fort Myers, FL. Our staff will get you in as soon as possible. Typically, urgent appointments are available for same-day or walk-in treatment. If the patient’s condition can be managed for a short time at home, we may schedule a next-day visit. Get in touch with us right away for first aid instructions and next steps.

When to Call an Emergency Dentist Near You

Our Fort Myers, FL dental office can treat a wide range of urgent issues. Get in touch with Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch if you are experiencing any of the following oral health conditions:

Persistent or Severe Tooth Pain: A bad toothache can indicate a much bigger problem that requires immediate attention.

Jaw Inflammation: Swelling in the jaw area can result from anything from infection to dental trauma.

Lost or Damaged Restorations: It can be excruciating to lose a crown or filling that covers an injured tooth. When this happens, it is important to determine the cause and repair the damage.

Endodontic Issue: Root canal therapy is a standard emergency procedure that ends pain and saves natural teeth.

Tooth Repair: Dental trauma due to accidents happens all the time. The resulting injury can be very painful and cause further damage. Therefore, a chipped, loose, or knocked-out tooth demands immediate attention.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. For any other potentially devastating dental or medical emergencies, call 911 right away to get the care you need quickly.

Contact Freedom Dental Fort Myers for urgent dental care in Fort Myers, FL

Call or come by our office to get the emergency help you need. If your problem happens outside of our weekly business hours, reach out to our emergency line 24 hours per day for proper guidance.

Once the Fort Myers, FL team has managed your pain, bleeding, or swelling, Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will book a second appointment for existing Freedom Dental Fort Myers patients. If you are new to our practice, we will have you come in for a comprehensive dental exam.

Our emergency dentist at Freedom Dental of Fort Myers' office provides all general and cosmetic dental services near you in Fort Myers and residents of the following neighborhoods:

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