Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in Fort Myers, FL

Lingering tooth pain can be a sign of underlying trouble. As a result, you might have a deep infection and need a root canal. This endodontic procedure ends pain and saves natural teeth. Freedom Dental Fort Myers offers effective root canal therapy for our Fort Myers, FL patients.

What’s Root Canal Therapy?

When the inner pulp becomes severely damaged or infected, a root canal is often the remedy. By removing the diseased soft tissue, Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch can stop the spread of infection. Without treatment, your surrounding teeth can suffer. Furthermore, complications can occur outside the oral cavity. Your mouth health has a direct impact on your whole-body health.

When Might I Need Endodontic Care?

Some patients experience no symptoms. Instead, they learn they need root canal treatment during their routine dental check-ups. Either x-ray images or an exam can uncover signs of a pulp infection. But you may be dealing with any or all of the following problems:

  • Consistent dull or aching pain in one or several teeth
  • Discomfort when you chew or bite down on food
  • Long-lasting tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Pain that interrupts sleep

Please call our Fort Myers, FL dental office right away if you believe you have a severe infection. The longer you wait, the more likely the condition will worsen.

The Root Canal Procedure

At Freedom Dental Fort Myers, we deliver gentle and comfortable root canals near you. To begin, Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch numbs the affected area. Next, the dentist removes the pulp through the tooth crown. Then, the entire pulp chamber is cleaned, disinfected, and packed with filling material.

After the procedure, your dentist in Fort Myers, FL may recommend a dental crown. This type of restoration covers and protects the weakened tooth. The tooth is also shielded from bacteria and further infection.

Root Canal Dentist Near Me

Depending on your case, you might have the option of extraction or root canal. Just remember that endodontic procedures allow you to keep your natural tooth. Otherwise, you will lose it and have to replace it. Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will go over all the options with you and help you make the best choice.

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