Tooth Extraction in Fort Myers, FL

There are many reasons why you and Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch may determine your tooth must be removed. In some cases, a tooth is too severely decayed or damaged to be repaired. Other times advanced periodontal disease has taken an irreparable toll. Even more, poorly positioned or impacted teeth may require extraction to preserve your oral health. We also take out teeth to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

The loss of just a single tooth can impact your ability to chew correctly. The remaining teeth can shift out of place due to the gap in your smile. Also, removing one or more teeth can interfere with proper mouth function and cause jaw joint Issues.

For those reasons, it is essential to address all oral cavity concerns. Avoid such complications by contacting Freedom Dental Fort Myers today. Your Fort Myers, FL dentist will first explore ways to save the tooth. Preserving your natural smile is always the goal. But if that is not possible after all options are exhausted, Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch will also discuss tooth replacement solutions. Get in touch with our dental team now. We have you covered!

Tooth Removal Near You

At your extraction appointment, your dentist will first numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic. Expect to feel a lot of pressure during the removal process, but no pain. This sensation is the result of Dr. Joseph Vanderbosch rocking the tooth back and forth. We use this motion to expand the socket and loosen the tooth for easy removal.

Since the anesthesia stops pain by numbing the nerves, there Is nothing to fear. But it is customary to feel some pressure. Your comfort Is our top priority at Freedom Dental Fort Myers.

Sectioning an Impaired Tooth

While it is preferable to lift the tooth out of the socket in one piece, but sometimes we must section a firmly anchored tooth to extract it. At times the root is circular-shaped, making it difficult or impossible to widen the socket enough to remove the tooth. If this happens, your Fort Myers, FL dentist will divide the tooth into sections. Then each piece is removed at a time.

Please contact us today with any questions or to schedule a tooth removal consultation near you.

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